Dating a man in the process of divorce

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Dating a man in the process of divorce

When I moved back to my hometown we spent a lot of time together, I spent a lot of time with his son, and I spent a lot of time listening to him explain the circumstances surrounding his divorce, and the pains that inevitably followed. And while it wasn’t a relationship that lasted a substantial period of time, it was a relationship that taught me a great deal about myself, about what I wanted, and about the difficulties of dating someone who was once legally committed.

I learned that I would have to constantly share him. Legal proceedings and endless paperwork force people who are going through a divorce to live with one foot in the past, and one foot in a possible future.

And with that awareness you make yourself more available for long-term love with the right guy.

Raising your awareness means being clear on the facts of your relationship.

Isn’t it going to be a risky and super-messy affair?While he contemplated all the choices he made and the failures he experienced and the happiness he once felt, I was left in the dark; incapable of comprehending just how difficult that limbo is and was.I learned that I couldn’t possibly be the only woman he would love.According to the Bible, marriage is a lifetime commitment. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate” (Matthew 19:6). There are three situations in which dating during the divorce process might occur.The first is the case of a spouse who has biblical grounds for divorce.

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And if you thought dating a single, uncommitted man was tough, wait till you date a divorced person!

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