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I have a variable in my script: v_field1 VARCHAR2(32000); This is part of a cursor record: v_mf_table IS TABLE OF mf_detail%ROWTYPE INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER; v_mf_record v_mf_table; I use a FORALL to insert the data into a table: FORALL x IN v_mf_record.

COUNT INSERT INTO monthly_mf_snapshot VALUES v_mf_record(x); BUT!

[email protected] could also create your own generic procedure, as demonstrated below, that would allow you to update any clob column of any table, from any file in any directory, based on a numeric primary key, assuming that all necessary permissions and directories exist.

FILECLOSE (v_bfile); 13 END; 14 / PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. FILECLOSE (v_bfile); 20 END update_clob_from_file; 21 / Procedure created. I get a error message: identifier is too long DECLARE vclob CLOB; v_bfile BFILE := BFILENAME ('/home/phuang/cvs/Ocean/auction/dbscripts/emails/', 'auctioncanceledsellers.html'); BEGIN SELECT mtp_body INTO vclob FROM oc_mail_templates WHERE mtp_id = 39 FOR UPDATE; DBMS_LOB.

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Any LOB instance returned by a SQL function is a temporary LOB instance.

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