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From the end of episode nine to the finale, Patterson said her final words that Flav should not marry Tiffany before leaving, even though he would.In case you missed it last week, Tiffany Pollard and Sister Patterson were guests on Steve Harvey’s talk show where Tiffany opened up about the miscarriage she suffered after Family Therapy stopped taping, but it was Sister Patterson and Steve’s toe-to-toe that had us in disbelief.On the way to the tennis resort, Patterson proclaimed that her daughter had gotten fat, which didn't phase Flav, but embarrassed Tiffany.While at the resort and later at the house, Patterson verbally fought with Flav, as she loudly expressed her objections to any possibility of her daughter marrying him.

The poster also claims that New York used to work as an exotic dancer. GREAT THINGS ARE AHEAD XOXOX A photo posted by tiffany pollard (@tiffany_hbic_pollard) on Feb 3, 2015 at pm PST When asked to reveal what she has been doing since her reality-TV show hiatus, Pollard responded, "I took time off for love, I took time off to get myself together, and now I'm ready to get back to work." Part of Pollard's decision to go back to work comes from her desire to bring more "realness" and comedy to reality-TV -- a factor that she feels is severely lacking on television. Pollard revealed that she and Flav reunited after his performance in California, where she found she was still extremely attracted to him. On the show, however, we saw her take a pregnancy test, which came back positive. Re-watch Pollard find out she's expecting below: "Where's the baby?

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Media Take has learned that VH1’s hit series’ Flavor Of Love and I Love New York may have been staged.