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Period Property For Sale in Ireland There are period properties for sale all over Ireland, including castles, churches, barns, mills, Georgian and Victorian houses, schoolhouses, railway stations, farmhouses, cottages, and other old buildings with character.

Some are fully restored, some need a little work and some need rescuing!

This week as Nicky takes a break Jenny’s decided to go prize mad with a little cash from our friends in the National Lottery to give-away, well when we say a little we're actually talking ONE THOUSAND EURO each day to be won!

The next steps She said the next steps will include looking at older collections and re-examining them, re-excavating sites and excavating soil deposits at the cave where the bear bones were found.

Apparently, one lame Guisborough pauper seeking relief was "offered" the post under threat of his allowance being stopped if he refused.

Another 75-year-old found it so demanding that he cut his own throat.

There are also many natural heritage sites to be found in South Sligo such as The Keash Caves and Carrowkeel Megalithic Complex.

Sligo Folk Park is located in the beautiful village of Riverstown, County Sligo.

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The Eoghan Mc Dermott show’s got all the latest to tell you on a massive summer give-away that’s happening between Applegreen and Jaguar!

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